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If you’re not aware that it’s the Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival next month then you’ve either been in deep hibernation for the winter or on a spaceship somewhere far far away. It’s THE biggest event in the already packed Melbourne sporting calendar, drawing crowds from far and wide.

Here’s an overview for the uninitiated:

Already underway with the Memsie Stakes which started at Caulfield on 1st September the shenanigans closes with the Ballarat Cup at the end of November. And for these three months, the 2018 Spring Racing Carnival shows off some of the worlds greatest equine athletes.

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival itself boasts four big days: Derby Day, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day and Stakes Day. Each day is quite different and so are the outfits!

Interested? We are. Read on!

Giddy Up! We’re off to the races

Known as Ladies Day, our favourite of all the days: Oaks Day is a fun, not-quite-so-serious event and a chance to express your own style.

It’s a solid opportunity to unleash some statement pieces that don’t get to see daylight very often because they’re a bit, you know, “out there”; and it’s the day when people embrace the key spring themes, silly hats and whatever colour takes your hearts delight.

We love to see the guys in a double-breasted jacket matched with bold tie, loafers and a casual suit with some pattern or soft pastel involved.

Sartorial needs met and transport sorted,  it’s time to start thinking about your car park. If you don’t have a spot in the Birdcage you can still make it a one of a kind experience with all your best friends.

Nursery Car park decoration 101

For many Melburnians, a day in the Nursery car park, with a picnic out of the boot of a car, has been an ever-present fixture in their diary. Combine plots with friends and family and create a real festival feel. Bringing your own catering and experiencing the car boot style party means that you get to experience the atmosphere that the Nursery is famous for.

Go for a Gold Souk themed Mini marquee and decorate your carpark, taking inspiration from Turkey. Start by using your Hammamas Turkish towels as rugs, throws, picnic blankets and table cloths to top off your old trestle table.

If you’ve ever been to Turkey then you’ll know that picnics can last from lunchtime until well into the evening in one of the many piknik yeri (picnic grounds) dotted all over the country. Typical picnic foods include bread, cheese, nuts, stuffed vegetables and different meats, either cold cuts or pieces ready for grilling on a BBQ.

Our top tip – buy or make some Kuru köfte (dry meatballs). They are firm enough to travel well in your hamper. Add to this, baklava. pizza, olives, Calamari, haloumi, lamb, Macadamia nuts,a range of seafood and bread accompanied by a yoghurt cucumber dip.

Make it cosy and comfortable with some chairs, floor cushions, lanterns, rugs and games; a tea semaver (pot) and scented air freshener for the evening.

And if you’re not in a car park this year, then set up in general admission early with a picnic on the lawn, a bottle of champagne and some cheese and a blanket.

Quench your thirst

Here are the Flemington stats you need to know: 10,000 bottles of Mumm champagne, 65,000 flutes of bubbly and 800,000 pairs of shoes…in just four days!

Spritzers of any kind, get our vote. These bright orange, fizzy, cold delights just make the day. Campari Spritz, the red bitter liqueur which is nice and dry and refreshing is our fav. And they’re super easy to make.

Here goes:

  1. Fill a tumbler with ice cubes.
  2. Add Prosecco
  3. Add Campari
  4. Add soda
  5. Stir.
  6. Serve garnished with an orange slice


See, that wasn’t hard was it.

Country racing

You may have already been enjoying racing throughout the Winter across country Victoria if you’ve embraced the country racing.

There are plenty more race days across Victoria if you want something more relaxed and you can embrace your country casual all the way up to your Sunday best. That’s what is great about the country races. You’ll probably find more sausage sizzle than gourmet buffet and can enjoy the peak of the season at the Peninsula Cup Day in Mornington on 4th November.

However you choose to celebrate, the racing carnival signifies the end of winter and the transition into Spring and Summer, so take full advantage of it!

With love from the Hammamas team x

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