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It’s that time of year again folks, advent calendars line the shops and Mariah Carey is warming up her vocals, which can only mean one thing… Christmas is right around the corner! No matter how you celebrate the holidays, at one point or another you will most likely be in a position where you need to give a gift… even if it is just a gift for yourself.

You’re not alone if you have absolutely no idea what to get those special people in your life for Christmas this year, but before you resort to the good old last minute panic shop, keep reading. Because we have you covered! We have the perfect gift idea for just about anyone, and the best part is you don’t have to fight the Christmas crowds at the shopping center to do it!

The Beach Babe

Whether they are into snorkeling, surfing, stand up paddle boarding or just laying on the sand listening to the waves, this person is always at the beach – no matter what time of year it is.  So why not give them a gift that they will actually use and appreciate?  Hammamas are the ultimate beach towel.  Stylish, lightweight, compact and super absorbent it’s not hard to see why once you use a Hammamas beach towel you will never use a traditional towel again.  

Towels to Try:

The Festival Goer

No matter what your festival style is, Hammamas towels are practical, versatile and completely chic. They are the perfect go to for just about any festival situation.  A quick, simple and comfortable outfit addition, the perfect rug for instant comfortable seating or even a compact and quick drying bath towel for those multiple day festivals, so you can feel fresh to party on. 

Towels to Try:

The Little Ones

Bring out a child’s imagination with a gift that is not only practical but also can provide hours of fun and play!  Quickly become a caped superhero ready to defeat the villain and save the world, or a fairytale character with a mysterious magical cloak… the possibilities truly are endless!  Which is why children absolutely love Hammamas towels. These Turkish Towels are colourful, soft, and light weight not to mention they catch the wind perfectly when becoming lost in a magical play adventure.

Towels to Try:

The Avid Traveller

Passport? Check!  Plane Ticket?  Check!  Hammamas Towel?  Check!  Don’t let your favourite jet setters take off on their next adventure without the perfect travel companion.  Made of 100% cotton, lightweight, fast drying and compact, a Hammamas towel is the ultimate travel buddy.  Whether you are backpacking through Asia, soaking up a resort lifestyle in Fiji or living your best life in Europe, Hammamas are absolutely perfect in every situation.   Use your Hammamas as a towel, sarong, temple wear, bed liner or mosquito cover… the possibilities really are endless!  But one thing is for sure, once you start travelling with a Hammamas towel, you won’t be able to ever leave the house without one again.

Towels to Try:

The Born Sailor

We all know someone who thinks that nothing quite beats the feeling of the ocean spray on your face and the ocean breeze rippling your hair.  But don’t let the sailors in your life set off on their next cruising day trip or adventure without a very special sailing companion.  A Hammamas towel of course! Hammamas really are the best boating towel you can take onboard.  Because of their lightweight and compact nature these towels take up a fraction of space, are fast drying towels and super absorbent.  Basically everything you could ever need when sailing the seven seas. 

Towels to Try:

The Camping Enthusiast

We all have that one friend who is most comfortable in the great outdoors.  They know where all the best off the beaten track campsites and walking tracks are, and are the first to suggest a group camping trip as the perfect group or family holiday.  So whether they prefer glamping or old school camping, enrich their next camping adventure with a fast drying and lightweight Hammamas towel.  With so many uses, you can be guaranteed that this will be one of the most used Christmas presents they will ever receive.

Towels to Try:

The Yogi

This person is always in touch with their spiritual side, practices yoga at least three times a week and loves a good candle or crystal.  So give them a gift that compliments their passions this Christmas with a Hammamas 100% cotton towel.  Perfect to take from the mat to meditation in every location, Hammamas towels are made from natural fibers, which are guaranteed to get softer with every wash.  Sounds like the perfect way to find your inner calm to us.

Towels to Try:

So there you have it!  Your Christmas gift crisis is well and truly averted, and not only that you are guaranteed to give a gift that is practical and usable in a wide range of situations.  Can’t find the exact colour or pattern you are looking for in the suggestions above?   Shop the entire range here.  Christmas shopping has never been more fun or easy.

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